Productivity and Unified Communications


The Reseller’s Guide to Cloud Productivity and Unified Communications

Cloud productivity and communication tools help eliminate borders by allowing employees to share, edit and work together on projects in real-time, virtually anywhere in the world. As mobility increases, cloud productivity and collaboration solutions ensure that employees have the resources necessary to stay productive and stay in-touch with their teams.

Online business suites, file-sharing services and meeting workspaces are just some of the tools that power the modern office. With data and projects stored in one central cloud, those who have access will be able to work simultaneously with coworkers and take comfort in knowing that the edits will be saved and synced as one project viewable by all on the team.

As collaboration goes global, the demand grows for simple, unified communications that can be integrated across all devices. TD SYNNEX Cloud partners with unified communications vendors that provide feature-rich platforms, which include hosted VOIP, PBXs, SIPs and more to help advance integration capabilities.

TD SYNNEX’s Selection of Cloud Collaboration and Unified Communications Vendors

TD SYNNEX’s StreamOne Solutions Store offers the industry’s best cloud collaboration and unified communications tools, allowing for full customization and integration to meet your client’s needs.

With solutions from companies you know and rely on, such as Microsoft and Cisco, TD SYNNEX ensures that you can provide full cloud collaboration solutions for your customers. These solutions provide a one-stop shop for maximizing team productivity and unified communications.

Premier Cloud Productivity and Unified Communication Vendors Include: