Backup, Disaster Recovery & Storage


The Reseller’s Guide to Cloud Backup

Backup and disaster recovery should be the cornerstone of any company’s business continuity plan. Cloud backup solutions can be more cost-effective and significantly faster alternatives to on-premises disaster recovery options.

By choosing a cloud-based solution, you can ensure your client’s data is backed up in a secure and remote location where it is easily accessible and recoverable. TD SYNNEX’s Cloud team has partnered with best-in-class providers, each of which meets the industry’s strictest security and compliancy standards.

TD SYNNEX’s Selection of Cloud Backup Vendors

TD SYNNEX partners with cloud backup vendors that offer the highest quality protection for your client’s most critical data. Meeting the needs of businesses of all types and size, the vendors offer numerous services and options to:

  • Backup servers, databases and hard drives to the cloud seamlessly without sacrificing functionality in other business operations
  • Implement disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) services for cloud replication and fast recovery of physical servers and virtual machines
  • Provide easy-to-use technology that virtually eliminates risk and downtime during migrations
  • Allow clients to seamlessly extend their infrastructures to the cloud

TD SYNNEX’s StreamOne offers resellers full access to customize cloud backup and disaster recovery options based on client needs to ensure the most secure, reliable and effective program.

Premier Cloud Backup Vendors Include: