Deliver Business Outcomes with Click to Run™ Solutions


TD SYNNEX Click to Run™ Solutions

Click to Run™ solutions are comprehensive, pre architected solutions, that simplify cloud deployments using automation, to create repeatable, and ready to deploy solutions.

With TD SYNNEX, complex solutions are made easy for partners to configure, customise & deploy. Each solution is validated, monitored and rigorously tested.

Our Solutions are fully configurable based on end-customer requirements (pre-and post configurable).

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Why work with TD SYNNEX Solutions and AWS?


Reduce costs, time & risks by configuring, customising & deploying already built, validated & tested solutions.


Enhance your portfolio and increase your revenue by offering more options and solutions to your customers.


Broad set of enablement resources to quickly build Cloud Solutions practices within your organisation.

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Core Infrastructure

Offer your customers the most secure, scalable and reliable solutions with TD SYNNEX and AWS. We provide you with the core infrastructure solutions that will give you solutions focused on cloud computing, storage and networking!

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

With Amazon Relational Database Services, deploy a fully managed database with a variety of common database engines to chose from. Download our guide to learn more.

TD SYNNEX File Storage with Amazon EFS & TD SYNNEX Scalable Storage with Amazon S3

Discover more about our Storage Solutions with AWS. Build secure and highly scalable file storage environments in minutes. Download our guides for more information.

TD SYNNEX Virtual Machines with AWS

Simplify the deployment of virtual instances within AWS. Download our guide to learn more.

Cloud Storage with AWS Gateway

Being at the forefront of the IT industry, TD SYNNEX has already developed easy-to-deploy solutions to simplify cloud storage. View the PDF to find out more.

Unattended deployment of SAP on AWS

Move your customers SAP workloads from on-premises to AWS. With TD SYNNEX is easy. Download the guide to learn more.

Data Protection

Become a data protection solution provider with TD SYNNEX and AWS to provide your customers with the technologies, solutions and services dedicated to building and accelerating their business. Through these Data Protection Click-to-Runs, you can learn how to create and configure cloud backup solutions for multiple business scenarios.

File Storage with EFS Solution

This solution leverages Amazon Elastic File Storage System to build a secure and highly scalable file storage environment in minutes.

Scalable Storage with S3 Click to Run Solution

This Click-to-Run™ solution leverages Amazon Simple Storage Services to build a scalable and cost effective AWS storage environment that can be used to organise and store documents, files and objects.

Veeam Backup and Replication on AWS

Help your clients create a fast and reliable backup and instant recovery environment using TD SYNNEX Veeam Backup and Replication on AWS and the management console to protect all workloads including virtual, physical, and cloud.

NetApp with FSx on AWS Click-to-Run™

Help your customers simplify and speed up workload migrations to the cloud with this Click-to-Run™ solution that uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) FSx Managed File system and NetApp ONTAP

SMB fraud Defense for AWS

TD SYNNEX designed a pre-configured solution that delivers a multi-layer defense against vulnerabilities allowing you to easily enforce MFA, instance type restrictions, cloud trails, and budget controls.

Modern Workplace

Your customers are looking to use managed cloud services to improve efficiency and become more agile. Be the trusted cloud provider that can help deliver these and other cloud outcomes through Modern Workplace Click-to-Run solutions from TD SYNNEX and AWS. These solutions provide, first and foremost, modern, flexible tools with higher engagement and productivity outcomes. Solutions focused on delivering greater engagement and productivity outcomes in a secure, flexible, multi-device experience for partners and customers.

TD SYNNEX ElastiCache for Redis

Create a in-memory caching environment capable of delivering Real-Time Apps and extreme performance.


Deploy this serverless environment in minutes. Benefit from the tremendous performance at virtually any scale.


Use Amazon RedShift to gain new insights and perspective from your data warehouse environment.

CloudFront CDN

This Click-to-Run Solution leverages Cloud Front Content Delivery Network Service from Amazon Web Services to deliver content securely through a high performance global network.