The Reseller’s Guide to Infrastructure-as-a-Service Providers

Choosing the right infrastructure-as-a-service provider is an essential step to ensuring that IT services shift smoothly to the cloud. IaaS providers handle the bulk of computing by delivering basic IT needs—such as servers, storage, networks and operating systems—to clients on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Cost-effective and versatile, IaaS platforms are ideal for rapid business growth, volatile workloads, and for organizations lacking the budget to invest in hardware. Infrastructure service providers ensure the ongoing care of hardware resources, but allow the client to have more control over storage, operating systems and deployed applications as needed.

IaaS offers the flexibility and scale that large businesses require, without sacrificing security. TD SYNNEX’s StreamOne offers a suite of top-notch infrastructure service providers that can be tailored to meet the IT demands of every client.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service Provider Solutions:

TD SYNNEX Cloud offers infrastructure services from the world’s leading providers to help you build out fully elastic environments, whether for development, test or full-blown production. The IaaS vendors available in TD SYNNEX’s StreamOne are highly scalable, simplifing the transition to cloud-based IT services. From Microsoft Azure to VMWare, TD SYNNEX partners with vendors that use a suite of tools to build an infrastructure that’s built to last.

Premier Cloud IaaS Vendors Include: