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Cognitive Computing, Enterprise Workplace, Internet of Things
10 maj 18 : David Newbould

Cognitive Computing, IoT and Business Intelligence (BI) and are seen as some of the next big areas of opportunity for the IT channel – unlocking the value of the increasing volumes and varieties of big data that are readily available in today’s digital world. As these solutions continue to go mainstream, with the majority of data now living in the cloud, demand for enterprise-level ‘as-a-service’ cloud-based solutions will continue to accelerate.

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Working with TD SYNNEX Cloud Solutions, enables partners to deliver expert, specialist practice areas – helping you to chart a path in digital transformation. Build end-to-end cloud competencies, complete the technology ecosystem to meet customer demand and exceed future expectations - acquiring the talent needed to support your burgeoning cloud practice.

TD SYNNEX’s in-depth technical expertise and specialist knowledge of vertical markets enables you to support your customers’ needs along each stage of the cloud journey. Leverage our project management skills and consultancy expertise to enhance and expand your own cloud capabilities.

TD SYNNEX Cloud Solutions’ Practice Builder Quadrant includes solutions and services with a high level of complexity and a focus on delivering strategic business value. 


As businesses embark on their digital transformation journeys, cognitive solutions have a radical impact on how they engage with their clients - turning vast amounts of data into valuable insights and competitive advantage. To make this possibility a reality, your customers need access to a cloud platform that can deliver all the performance, speed and agility to support their strategic initiatives.

  • Internet of Things: The exponential growth in the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is seeing a huge new wave of investment and development that will create new opportunities for the whole channel. With interest in and demand for IoT applications rising fast, TD SYNNEX is working closely with vendors and partners to develop specialisations – harnessing the cloud services that are a pre-requisite to entering the IoT market.
  • Edge Compute: The advent of edge computing means that data can now be gathered from multiple devices and sources at the edge of the network, rather than moving data back to a central point for analysis. This reduces network traffic and latency – enabling the kind of real-time decision making that can drive significant competitive advantage. Cloud is the key enabler and foundation upon which intelligent edge solutions depend – extending their availability and potential for driving deeper insights.
  • Smart Devices: With smart, connected devices now very much part of both our personal and working lives, the cloud has made vast amounts of previously unreachable data available and put business intelligence and analytics tools within the reach of many more organisations.
  • Big Data & Analytics: Seen as the next big area of opportunity by many in the IT channel, there is no question that the continued growth of big data volumes and the growing sophistication of analytical tools is going to fuel further demand for cloud services. With many analytics services already being offered on an ‘as a service’ basis, most of the data used by BI systems will be drawn from the cloud.
  • Machine Learning: In the past, machine learning systems were simply too costly and complex for the majority of enterprises, but cloud is changing all that. Making these systems available and affordable to a growing number of organisations, machine learning is able to create models from incoming transactional data and use this to make accurate predictions that build on both past and current knowledge – supporting and accelerating enterprise decision-making in the digital world.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The next wave of cloud computing that will drive the growth of public cloud is artificial intelligence (AI), with an increasing number of Cloud Service Providers gearing up to offer a comprehensive stack that delivers AI as a Service. With AI dependent on massive amounts of data and high performance computing that can identify key patterns and make accurate predictions, this practice area represents a huge opportunity for TD SYNNEX partners.


Today’s evolving workplace technologies present both opportunity and disruption for the IT Channel and its end user customers. The pace of change can be overwhelming, and it’s critical to understand which technologies are right for the business and both when and how to implement. Employees push for increased mobility, personalisation and flexibility in the workplace, while senior business leaders and IT teams are often focused on controlling access, standardising processes and ensuring compliance. As your customers continue to transform their workplaces, TD SYNNEX Cloud Solutions can guide you through the changing technology landscape and evolving business challenges – ensuring that you are perfectly placed to deliver the right solutions at the right time.

  • Business Intelligence: Today’s business leaders can use the insights that BI gives them to identify and take opportunities, make better use of resources and run their operations more efficiently and effectively. TD SYNNEX is working with several vendor partners who are experts in BI and analytics - supporting partners in developing the appropriate ‘data science’ skills and expertise that will enable them to build their own BI practices.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Cloud-based CRM makes it quick and easy for business users to access the customer information they need – whenever they need it and wherever they are. Designed to address the unique needs of all types and size of business, CRM software delivered ‘as-a-service’ offers new possibilities, flexible costs and straightforward deployment and management.
  • Human Capital Management (HCM): The latest cloud-based HR solutions empower your customers by enabling them to leverage tools that are personalised, social, cover the full employee lifecycle and deliver deep insights. This enables organisations to find, grow and retain the best talent, enable collaboration and improve workplace efficiencies in today’s mobile world.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Making use of cloud computing platforms and services to provide your customers with a more flexible approach to business process transformation can deliver significant economic and operational benefits. Work with TD SYNNEX Cloud Solutions to understand, deliver and develop cloud-based ERP solutions that meet your customers’ unique business needs – connecting the ERP application with existing legacy systems, meeting security protocols and enabling DR capabilities.
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM): In today’s connected world, multiple supplier management tools can be costly and complex to manage. By integrating cloud-based technologies that enable SaaS subscription models for greater flexibility and efficiencies, it becomes easier for customers to focus on strengthening collaboration and streamlining an effective network of strategic suppliers.
  • Advanced Productivity Application: Make the delivery of data and applications more straightforward, efficient and cost effective for your customers – deploying advanced productivity applications such as enterprise email, collaboration and finance solutions through the cloud.

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