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01 mar 19 : TD SYNNEX Cloud

More and more companies are demanding packaged solutions that can easily be extended and integrated with other solutions without the hassle of deep customizations. Automation is already bringing immediate benefits to Retail, Construction, Healthcare, Not-for-Profit, Education, Field and/ or Customer Service and other major industries.

The new Power Platform by Microsoft brings value to your company from a technical and business perspective. With Microsoft’s Power platform you can easily extend and build new applications that connect to online and on-premise solutions Out-of-the-Box. The platform is designed to enable ISVs, SIs, Partners and developers alike to rapidly build and deploy industry vertical business and analytic solutions.

Use cases are already covering all industries and the scenarios range from customer experience improvement, to internal HR  process rationalization and transportation service to smart management of mobile-empowered employees.

For example, PowerApps connected to Dynamics 365 to improve the accuracy of estimated wait times and create a more personalized experience when customers walk into a bank. A large airline company transformed its legacy paper-based process and created mobile friendly solutions that will make their engineers more productive and efficient. A red cross organization used Power platform to create a supply ordering system for instructors to order the necessary supplies for their First Aid and CPR classes. Customer success stories are growing in number and give you the sense of the potential applicatons of this new extended platform.

  Microsoft Power platform            

Interested in learning how to use the Power Platform?

Join us for the upcoming TD SYNNEX workshop. By attending this 2-day training event, you will get hands-on experience in creating custom business apps using PowerApps and Flow.

The first day we will focus on the common building block of PowerApps and Flow. Through a guided experience, you will learn hands-on how you can easily build apps.

The 2nd day will focus on you building an app for your company – that might be an existing app that you want to rebuild on the Power platform, or a new app that you believe will add value to your business – you will be supported by 1 or 2 Power platform experts who will guide you through the experience.  By the end of the day, you should have a working app that can be deployed within your company and with your customers (might need some finishing touches).