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AWS provide highly available cloud technology with the security and reliability required by governments at all levels of information allowing you to utilize a common set of tools, a steady stream of cutting-edge technologies, and the flexibility to scale to your mission needs.

Four ways the cloud is boosting government innovation

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Yes, technology can build more inclusive societies

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Healthcare and life sciences organizations are reimagining how they collaborate to leverage clinical and operational data, enable accuracy, and reduce the cost of care. AWS for Health provides easily accessible capabilities to help organizations accelerate the pace of unlocking the potential of health data and develop more personalized approaches to healthcare therapeutic development.


Whether you are working to improve the performance of your donor-facing website, enhance data practices with hosted databases and analytics, drive research with machine learning, or improve remote monitoring with the Internet of Things (IoT), AWS can help. The programmes are designed to enable organizations of any size to overcome barriers to technology adoption while increasing scale, performance, and mission-critical operational capabilities. Tens of thousands of nonprofits and ONGs around the world use AWS to increase their impact and accelerate their mission goals.

Case study - See how customers are advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion using AWS

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As you explore ways to shift to remote learning and working, AWS has resources to help today. During this unprecedented extended and temporary school shutdown, many of our customers are looking for help to continue learning and working online. To help, AWS has a variety of resources designed to virtualize, manage and support remote learning. Learn about the tools that AWS puts at your fingertips to help you better adapt to remote education.